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B&B clean versus Hotel Clean

Published on October 24, 2013

  1. There has been so much in the news lately about the level of cleanliness or not in hotels around the country. Here at Alpenrose with autumn in the air we take time to do our fall clean up. And that extends beyond the yard to every room in the bed and breakfast and our home. Walls and windows washed, curtains and canopies laundered and dried on the line before a quick pressing and back up in their rooms. Summer bedding gets tucked away and warm cozy winter weight bedding freshly laundered takes its place. Carpets are shampooed and hard surfaces all wiped down. We clean cupboards and closets and all points in between. The difference between a hotel room and a bed and breakfast room is this is our home and we live here and take personal pride in it.  It isn't always easy staying on top of things during our busy season...guests take drinks to their rooms and drip coffee down the hallway. Someone sneaks in with dirty shoes or dings the wall with their suitcases.  We do our best to keep up during busy season and catch the rest in our seasonal turnover of the place.  We have hired help and we do our best to make sure they clean to our standards. It's foreign to young people now a days ...the concept of ironing curtains and washing walls...but spring and fall corner to corner cleaning is how I was raised... I remember staying at a fine hotel in the Victoria BC waterfront. We arrived in the evening and the beautiful bed was already turned down and the lights were low. Floor to ceiling windows overlooked the harbour and the parliament buildings were lit up. I woke a few times in the night just to stare out at the beauty of it...but come morning light the spell was broken when I could see the rich burgandy valances laden with dust. And that's just one story. So if anyone wonders what I am doing in my down time, rest assured,  I'm working hard getting the place up to be ready for my other busy season...WINTER :)

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