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Post Covid-19 travel procedures

Opening soon!

As we look forward towards travelling and receiving guests in the (hopefully) near future we would like to tell you about our new procedures that we are implementing here at the Alpenrose. The BC Government have posted guidelines for hotels and we have taken the aspects that apply to our Bed and Breakfast and have implemented them here.

We will be extra thorough with our cleaning procedures pre- and post-guest, ensuring extra sanitary processes and the use of sanitizing products throughout the rooms and bathrooms. All our guest rooms have their own bathrooms, so each guest group will only use their own bathroom, and we will stock each bathroom with enough towels and products for their entire stay. The guidelines suggested no in room cleans during a guest stay, so we will implement that here.

Breakfast is usually a casual affair, however to ensure social distance practices we will serve each group in house at a different, pre-arranged breakfast time. We can only have a maximum of three different groups in house so this new procedure can be implemented quite easily without impacting the guest's timeline for their upcoming day.

We will have hand sanitiz

er in the entrance to our Bed and Breakfast and in the guest rooms.

If a guest would like a contact-free stay, this can also be arranged as we have a coded door for entry, the guest can pay online, and we can arrange a take-away breakfast with a contact-free pick up.

Please contact us at with any further questions on this subject.

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